It was BIG, it was WILD, and certainly set a bench mark for what 5FM’s LIVE LOUD brand can do.


The event took over the Sun City Resort from the 14th to 16th July 2017, and the attendance was spectacular.

What went on? the question is – What didn’t?

5FM’s Marketing Manager, Liesl Hefkie and her team put together a weekend of memories and this is how it went :
Friday during the day  5FM was broadcasting live from the Valley Of Waves, along with acts from the XS Promotions team to entertain the crowd on the waters, this went through to 5pm where it was followed by taking over the Brew Monkey venue. various radio jocks performed to the likes of Nicole Da Silva, Nick Hamman, Rob Forbes, Ms Cosmo & Ryan the DJ.

valley of waves

brew monkey


On Saturday, Live radio broadcasts continued on the sunny beach front of The Lost City hyping the crowd for what was going to be a party not to be missed.
This party took place in the Sun City Super Bowl with performances from Kid Fonque, Roger Goode, Desmond & The Tutus, DJ Loyd, DAS Kapital, AKA amongst many others.

superbowl 1

Although Pristine Moods Productions had technical in nearly every corner of the Sun City complex over this weekend, it is in here is where we’ve boasted our equipment from Sound, Lighting, Staging, LED Walls, Backline, Audio Visual and most importantly – a team that not only works together but gets things executed punctually and professionally.

superbowl 2

In here is what the weekend was building up to. This event carried on until Midnight with the after party taking over yet again with a 5FM line up at the prestigious Encore Night Club based in their SOHO complex.

The vibe throughout Saturday but mesmerizing.

AKA zoom
AKA Full stage

The Shebeen – it is here where a selected few were brave enough to continue their momentum in the occasion and join us for another Live Broadcast with DJ’s performing to the finale of what we all know as #LIVELOUDMYB.


What a pleasure it was for the Pristine Moods Productions team to be working hands on with 5FM and Sun International again. Well Done! we look forward to many more.