Summer is knocking on our doors. The days are getting warmer and longer and the nights don’t necessarily require twelve layers of jackets. Everyone is itching for a day out in the sun, with some fresh air, good food, great music and decent company. Enter Emmerentia Live, promoted by B.A.M.

We’re standing in the queue to get into the event, and a sudden realisation occurs that perhaps we should have bought sunblock. The music is too enticing to consider turning around and going back to the shops so we will just have to soak up the Vitamin D and hope we go bronze-gold instead of lobster-pink.

Through the gates we go, and are met with a sea of people, blankets, umbrellas and picnic baskets. Trying to find a space close to the stage is appearing to be not an easy feat because there are so many people who beat us to the front. Clearly, the production team thought this issue through because there is a massive LED screen set up a few metres back and from that we can see more than enough detail on the band member’s faces – audio visual set up is on point!

The food and entertainment tents were a line-up of their own – sponsors of the day, Edgars, E.TV, J.C. le Roux, Kaya FM had VIP seating areas, with an array of food stalls to keep everyone happy.

Blanket down, drinks charged with Savannna Premium Cider, snacks in hand. The event is teeming with energy and the music is at just the right level – not too loud that you have to scream at the person sitting next to you, but also not soft enough that you have to stop talking to check if the song playing is the one you think you heard on the radio. From Bad Peter, Gangs of Ballet, and Freshly Ground to Mango Groove, MiCasa and Goodluck, the songs that are belted out over the speakers are ones that we are all familiar with, adding to the ingredients necessary for a perfect day out in the sun with top-end backline products supplied by Music Junkies.

As the last band gets on stage, the lighting kicks in. I was so impressed with the stage, lighting, and roof structure that I made a point of finding the person responsible for all of it. Lior Manelis, MD of Pristine Moods Productions is the go-to-guy. Being an avid fan of decent sound I started grilling him about his set up; and being an outsider to the industry, when he threw words like “line array sound system” at me I didn’t even try to begin to understand, but instead just marvelled at this magnificence. None of that glare that makes your eyes squint when you’re trying to watch the performances on stage. No spotlight insecurities either.

The event is teeming with energy and the music is at just the right level

As the sea of people start trickling out and calling it a day, we are forced to start making our way home too. Our skin is crisp, cheeks are sore from laughing, and our ears are ringing from listening to the best line-up we have heard in a while.